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    Dental Technology Services was founded as a small dental laboratory in 1945 and has remained a family business ever since. With more than 75 years of industry experience, spanning four generations, we are now one of the largest, full service, digitally enabled laboratories in the UK.

    DTS is more than just a dental lab, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading adoption of new technology and are proud to offer the widest range of materials, support, training and education options to our dentists. Our record of being at the forefront of any technological advancement within the industry means that naturally, we provide digital equipment to dentists looking to become involved in the revolutionary digital workflow. More importantly, we are committed to providing the support necessary to implement a successful workflow in a practice.

    Having brought many firsts innovations to the UK market, within the industry we’re widely recognised as being at the forefront of any technological advancements. Core to this is the emphasis we place on sharing the knowledge of our Directors and Master Technicians who have travelled extensively to seminars and exhibitions globally. The knowledge they have gained has been implanted throughout the entire business. To this day, this is the strategy we employ, which has propelled DTS to where we are today with over 100 employees and a number of partnerships worldwide.