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    Dental Innovation of the Year 2017 at FMC Dental Industry Awards 2017

    For the first time, CALCIVIS helps clinicians see active demineralisation on the tooth surface.
    CALCIVIS photoprotein is a first for dentistry: a dental biologic which produces a low-level light flash (luminescence) exclusively as a direct reaction to the presence of free calcium ions released from actively demineralising tooth surfaces.
    The CALCIVIS imaging device is designed exclusively to image the tooth surface after delivering an application of CALCIVIS photoprotein. An integrated intraoral sensor within the CALCIVIS imaging device immediately detects luminescence and presents clinicians with a chair-side demineralisation image, mapping demin “hot-spots”.
    CALCIVIS images engage patients which increases prescribed oral care compliance and leverage value from preventive treatments in early caries and associated enamel demineralisation conditions.
    Headquartered in Edinburgh, CALCIVIS brings world-class development and business management expertise.

    Contact Flora Couper DHT, CALCIVIS product specialist for Scotland