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    Schottlander was founded in 1922 and has prospered and grown through an absolute commitment to the highest high quality products, training and services that answer genuine clinical needs. We have twice received the Queens’ Award for Enterprise in the Innovation Category.
    At the Scottish Dental Show 2018, we will be showing our market leading product ranges including:
    – the  XP-Endo Shaper and Finisher and TotalFill BC Sealer for the first time enable 3-Dimensional Endodontics. Using recent advances in NiTi metallurgy and bioceramics, these revolutionary new product ranges improve the outcome of endodontic treatment using only one shaping file, by allowing dentists to clean and fill canals according to their true 3 Dimensional morphology.
    – Doric Definition is a new Addition Cured Silicone Impression Material range whose improved physical properties will give you more accurate crown and bridge impressions with better defined margins. Dentists and technicians can see how its unique flow properties help take more accurate crown and bridge impressions
    – enigmalife denture teeth are a new range which look and feel like your patients’ own teeth, helping them to regain their appearance and function. Compare them to any denture teeth that you have used before, and you will see why they set the new standard.
    – Schottlander Flexible Nitrile Examination Glove ranges have set the standard for improved flexibility, tactile control and consistency in latex free gloves.
    For further details on any Schottlander products, please call us on Freephone 0800 97 000 79 or visit www.schottlander.com