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    Leyton UK

    Leyton are Europe’s leading R&D Tax consultancy, helping clients with R&D tax credits, grant applications and patent box applications. In the UK alone, we have processed over 5,000 applications for R&D relief for clients and proudly boast a 100% success rate since 2000. Common area’s that qualify within the dental industry include;

    – developing aesthetic improvements to products
    – improving the longevity of products
    – improving the ease of fitting
    – reducing product costs
    – improving the comfort of products

    Our process is straightforward and as non-intrusive as we can make it. We require some time to talk through the technical elements of your work to gather the relevant project information for your R&D claim. This is typically no more than 5-6 hours business time total.

    Costs that are eligible include;

    – staff salaries including NI, pension and bonuses
    – sub contracting
    – software licences
    – externally provided workers
    – consumables (heating, lighting, material costs, wastage costs etc)
    – trials & testing

    Leyton works on a contingency fee, meaning we are only paid after you receive your money from HMRC.

    For more information contact Jason Dawes 0141 375 9762 or jdawes@leyton.com