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    Septodont has been family run since its foundation in 1932 and has a long tradition of innovation and quality. As World Leader in local dental anaesthesia we were the first to introduce Articaine to the UK dental market and the first to ensure that all of our local anaesthetics were not only latex free, but produced and packed in a latex free environment.

    Having led the way in needle safety for the last decade with the only clinically trialled needle-stick injury safety device, Ultra Safety Plus, Septodont are passionate about the safety and quality of all our products and offer a wide range of popular items for all areas of clinical dentistry.

    Following its introduction to the dental market by Septodont, BioRoot™ RCS is rapidly gaining in popularity. In the same family as our highly regarded and innovative Biodentine™, BioRoot™ is a superior root canal sealant that, unlike some other sealants, does not require any specialist equipment. Not only does it give a superior seal, with outstanding adhesion to dentine and gutta-percha points and high microleakage resistance, it also has antimicrobial properties; promotes peri-apical healing through stimulation of bone regeneration and periodontal healing; and allows for easy obturations and follow ups.

    On-going education is important to every dental professional which is why Septodont have a “learning” site with copies of all our Case Studies, brochures, free sharps safety CPD and the capability to book onto one of our popular lectures – www.septodontlearning.co.uk

    Find out how Septodont have you covered whatever the treatment.