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    Hilliers Vision

    Strainless Optics®

    • MO Solutions include a wide range of optical aids specially designed for Surgery and Dental demands:
    • MO Pro specs: A specially designed frame adapted to surgical needs
    • MO Prism specs: A special frame and optics solution which refracts the image to allow for the best posture
    • MO Initial Loupes: For students and dental hygienists with a magnification of 1.7x (RM)
    • MO Ultralight Flip-up Loupes: Providing Magnification from 2x to 3x (RM)
    • MO Ultralight TTL Loupes: Incorporate a prism angle feature with 2x and 2.5x magnification (RM)
    • MO VinKep System: A unique Keplarian Angle system which provides a declination angle of 15° along with magnification of 3x, 4x and 5x (RM)

    100% customized

    MO Solutions are individually customized using data gathered by qualified Opticians and Optometrists who will also fit the MO Solution. This includes:

    • Choice of frame sizes (which provide what is possibly the most lightweight solution in Dentistry/Surgery)
    • The clients full optical prescription in the carrier lens
    • Single vision or various Multifocal lens options in a range of refractive indices
    • Advice and training on the best working distance and ergonomic practices
    • Agreed working distance placed into the optics of your loupe system
    • Customized PD
    • Customized declination angle of loupe systems, essential for a precise picture
    • 5 years guaranty on optical parts under normal use.
    • Products designed and manufactured in Scandinavia

    Merident Optergo is proud to be working with Hilliers Vision as their UK Distributor. To find out more about the MO Concept or to view our range of optical solutions, visit us on stand F04.