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    A family run dental implant distributor with a UK warehouse, we pride ourselves on excellent clinical support. For dentists by dentists, Implantium was established in 2008 by dentist Jason Buglass, who has over 20 years’ experience placing implants and training others. We distribute Dentium implants, a Korean company now with over 15 years of clinical evidence. Next day delivery is standard and our dedicated training clinic Dentale, supports our customers from the very start of their implant career.
    • High quality products
    • Comprehensive system (bone and tissue level)
    • Quicker and easier to use than other systems
    • Extremely cost-effective
    • Designed to deliver exceptional long-term results
    • Excellent customer service (with exceptional clinical support)
    From the moment you see the kit, the quality of the system is apparent. This is evident in the finish and fit as well as the elegance of the design.
    There are various single features that make the system quicker and easier to use than other competitors. For example, the drills are black with silver markings which virtually removes the need for depth gauges. This allows for more control and thus safety as well as speeding up the procedure. Users of the system generally report that it takes about 15% less time to place an implant as a result of these design features.
    Across the range of bone level implants every implant has the same abutment connection.


    Please visit our website www.implantium.co.uk or call one of team on 0845 0176 262