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    Promote Medical

    Promote Medical offers a new medical system solution for dental surgeries. We design and manufactures medical bags that work in any emergency and in any situation.

    It is our aim to provide the ultimate user friendly medical bags that allow access to all emergency equipment quickly, simply and in a way that works intuitively to save you time to save lives.

    Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Promote Medical emergency bags are built around the equipment you need to provide a portable pre-hospital immediate care system.

    Uncomplicated in application our bags offer an assured medical system that allows you to quickly and effectively manage your patients should they suffer a medical emergency or dental complication in your surgery.

    Our exclusive custom-made medical bags are designed to separate the equipment necessary to manage airway, suction, breathing, circulation, diagnostics, as well as safety equipment. Our Omnio and Primo + Connect range are designed with different elements and come complete with the option to include all medical equipment, or not, depending on your requirements.

    We believe that every dental surgery, GP practice, every healthcare worker, every patient should have access to an affordable, portable and simple emergency medical kit that effectively brings the resuscitation room to the patient.

    A trauma or medical emergency is a time where complexity does not work and our bags are designed simply with accessibility being key – it is the application of this philosophy that makes our bags so popular.