• Digital dentures

    • Friday 27 April, 9:30 - 10:30
    • This lecture is presented by: Clive Schmulian
    • This session will take place in: Room 4
    • dentist, team, technician

      Intra-oral optical scanning, milling and 3D printing are now being widely adopted in dental practices and labs. Hardware and software packages are available that are transforming the way restorative dentistry is practised, including digital workflows for both partial and complete dentures.

      Aims and objectives:
      • Introduce dentists to digital dentures
      • Explain digital workflows in relation to partial and complete dentures
      • Present scientific literature to support digital dentures
      • Encourage dentists to adopt digital solutions in the provision of dentures.

      Learning objectives:
      After attending, participants will be able to:
      • Define ‘digital dentistry’
      • State the techniques used to transfer clinical information from the patient to the digital realm
      • List the options available for the manufacture of digital dentures
      • Explain the advantages of digital dentures.

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Clive Schmulian