• Restoring dental implants – what does and doesn’t work

    • Friday 27 April, 3:45 - 4:45
    • This lecture is presented by: Kevin Lochhead , Pierluigi Coli
    • This session will take place in: Room 2
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      This presentation will look at fixed and removable implant prosthodontics (from single teeth to full arch) tracing the origins of the solutions currently available. It will show how the evidence, over the last 50 years of implant dentistry, has guided us to more predictable solutions. Specifically, we will also look at how digital technology and new products are serving to improve the quality and efficiency in delivering implant prosthodontics.

      Particularly pertinent to this presentation is the dental implant laboratory at EDS. The lab is integral to the practice and has allowed investigation into restorative options which, through our industry connections, are not readily available in general practice. Compiling our own long-term statistics on restoration failure and survival has allowed us to create a predictable restorative system, which will be shared.


      • To understand the principles of providing fixed and removable implant-supported prosthodontics.
      • To appreciate how improving dental technology has helped to change our restorative options.
      • To have an appreciation of the CAD/CAM products now available.


      • To have a better understanding of what restorative options are available for removable and fixed prosthodontics.
      • To understand the benefits of the advances in CAD/CAM technology.

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