• A revolutionary and modern approach to caries prevention

    • Saturday 28 April, 2:00 - 3:00
    • This lecture is presented by: Flora Couper
    • This session will take place in: Room 4
    • dentist, team

      This lecture looks at how we currently diagnose and intervene to prevent dental caries and until very recently, we have only able to detect demineralisation by the visible damage to the enamel.

      CALCIVIS is the first biotech product in the world to be ever used in dentistry and it enables dentists to measure the activity of free calcium ions in demineralisation and erosion. We will look at how this benefits the clinician, the patient and your business.

      Aims and objectives:

      • Aim is to understand the importance of detecting and intervening EARLY and how this new technology will enable you to practice better preventive and MI dentistry.
      • Understand the shortcomings in how we currently prevent dental caries
      • Understand the value of accurately identifying demineralisation activity
      • Advocate the need to enhance documentation on teeth currently labelled a watch.
      • Understand the value to both your business and your patients in delivering comprehensive preventive care implementing skill mix of all DCPs and individuals in your practice.
      Learning outcomes:
      • Analyse the benefit of being able detect activity and what that will bring to your patient outcomes
      • Describe the benefits of having an image that shows the concentration of free calcium ions
      • Explain bioluminescence and its use in dentistry
      • Identify how to accurately evaluate a remineralisation treatment.

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Flora Couper