• Christine Park

    Christine graduated BDS from Glasgow University in 2006, and completed longitudinal dental foundation training in Edinburgh. She then returned to Glasgow for maxfac and oral surgery SHO jobs before undertaking specialist training in paediatric dentistry at Glasgow Dental Hospital during which she won the Bengt Magnusson prize at the IAPD in 2011.

    Christine joined the GDC paediatric dentistry specialist list in 2012 and gained her MSc in 2013 for work on “Oral disease in Vulnerable Children and the Dentist’s Role in Child Protection”. She then completed 16 months of post CCST StR in Paediatric Dentistry at Guys’ Hospital before once again returning to Glasgow to take up a her position as clinical lecturer/honorary post CCST in paediatric dentistry. This allowed her to complete her NHS consultant training while combining it with teaching and continuing interest and research in child protection by undertaking a part time PhD at the Digital Design Studio funded by NES.

    Christine is currently senior clinical university teacher/honorary consultant in paediatric dentistry at Glasgow.

    Her current research is looking into the learning needs and decision making processes of the dental team with regards to child protection concerns and the evaluation of a novel intervention to address those needs.



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