• Winners one and all

    //01 May 2018

    Wishaw dentist Mike Arthur was the recipient of the 2018 Scottish Dental Lifetime Achievement Award at a glittering awards celebration at the Glasgow Hilton on 27 April.

    The Scottish Dental Awards 2018, hosted by comedian and radio presenter Des Clarke, saw over 500 members of the Scottish dental community come together to celebrate the best of the industry.

    Dentist of the Year was won by Mike Gow of the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, while the Young Dentist of the Year accolade went to Lara Paterson of Clyde View Dental Practice.

    Lara’s colleagues at Clyde View, Ciara Dunleavy & Chloe Gall, picked up the Community Award.

    Two of the big awards on the night went to Gray’s Dental Practice of Cambuslang, which picked up Practice of the Year, and The Orthodontic Clinic in Aberdeen, which was named Employer of the Year.

    DCP Star was presented to Kirsty Mclaughlan, Kilbarchan Dental Practice.

    Business Manager/Administrator of the Year went to Mikey Bateman of Fergus & Glover.

    New College Lanarkshire had a successful evening. The College itself was awarded one of two new titles (Trainer of the Year) while the Unsung Hero winner was its staff member, Jenifer Lowe.

    The other new category, the Innovation Award, was won by Calcivis.

    Arshad Ali of the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry picked up the Business Excellence Award.

    Repeat winners from 2017 were Donna Morrison from Kulzer Ltd who was named Best Sales Consultant, and Adam Morgan who for the second year in a row picked up the Best Professional Advisor title.

    The Awards culminated with the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mike Arthur who was introduced by friend and fellow Lanarkshire dentist, Raymond Murphy.

    Mike received a standing ovation and entertained the audience with stories and observations from his long and distinguished career.

    For more on the Awards, check out the May edition of Scottish Dental magazine. The full list of winners is below:

    Scottish Dental Awards 2018 – winners

    Scottish Dental Lifetime Achievement Award
    Mike Arthur

    Practice of the Year
    Gray’s Dental Practice

    Dentist of the Year
    Mike Gow, The Berkeley Clinic

    Young Dentist Award
    Lara Paterson, Clyde View Dental Practice, Clyde Munro

    Dental Team Award
    Kilmarnock Smile Studio & Dental Implants Centre

    Employer of the Year
    The Orthodontic Clinic

    Business Manager/Administrator of the Year
    Mikey Bateman, Fergus & Glover

    DCP of The year
    Kirsty Mclaughlan, Kilbarchan Dental Practice

    Unsung Hero
    Jennifer Lowe, New College Lanarkshire

    Laboratory of the Year
    Stranraer Dental Laboratory

    The Community Award
    Clyde View Dental Practice, Clyde Munro (Ciara Dunleavy & Chloe Gall)

    Business Excellence Award
    Arshad Ali, Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry

    Best Sales Consultant
    Donna Morrison, Kulzer Ltd

    Best Professional Advisor
    Adam Morgan, The Adam Morgan Company

    Innovation Award

    Dental Trainer of the Year
    New College Lanarkshire

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