• Medical emergencies

    • Friday 27 April, 12:15 - 1:15
    • This lecture is presented by: Lezley Ann Walker , Liz Webster
    • This session will take place in: Atrium 2

    • core cpd
    • This session counts toward eCPD outcomes:

      • C
      dentist, team
      The aim of this workshop is to deliver a comprehensive understanding and confidence in the management of medical emergencies for all members of the team in a dental environment.
      Each delegate will gain knowledge on the following:
      • Indication for use of emergency drugs
      • The dosage of each emergency drug
      • Action of each emergency drug
      • Side effects of each emergency drug
      • Tuition on the delivery of IM injections.

      Course outline

      • Develop skills in the management of medical emergencies within a dental environment
      • To be able to identify all emergency drugs available within the dental setting
      • Deliver training in IM injection skills.

      Aims and objectives

      • To be competent in the management of medical emergencies within the dental environment
      • Be competent in the delivery of an IM injection in the event of a medical emergency.


      To book your place on this workshop, please email info@sdshow.co.uk with the subject “Medical Emergencies workshop 1215” and make sure you’ve registered for your show delegate badge.

      Workshops are free to attend but, do require pre-booking, please see the details above to book.

Glasgow Dental Hospital and School

Lezley Ann Walker

Glasgow Dental Hospital and School

Liz Webster